Bed Rest From Oral Surgery

So Friday I underwent a much needed surgery to remove my wisdom teeth as well as prewisdom’s…. I figured I would give you lovelies a heads up because all I have been doing the past 2 days is sleeping…

Also Friday was the last day of classes for my first quarter at AI :). I am so proud of myself! If you didn’t know, Art Institute classes are 11 weeks on campus or 6 weeks if classes are online. Normal colleges go by semesters which are 16 weeks! So yeah, my brain was mush by Friday with all the creativity and projects I had during the quarter.

Tomorrow, I hope to get on track with blogging again since that will be 72 hours since had surgery and things should be healed enough to not have to take meds lol. Also I will be doing a photo blog of my cousins visit here to CA from NY… Super excited about that plus it’s SPRING BREAK!! YAY!

Until Next Time,



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