Sephora’s Color IQ

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So recently I posted about a make-over a friend gave me who works at Sephora, from that post I got a lot of questions about how I was able to make my foundation so flawlessly!? (Click HERE to read that post)

Well here is the answer my loves…..:

Sephora + Pantone Color IQ


So what exactly is this and how does it work?

As fashionistas I am sure you have heard about Pantone, they are the leaders in the quest for the yearly color of the year, in which the color of this year is Marsala (which I love!!!). Using their same technology to get an exact color reading Sephora is now able to match your skin tone to your exact color. No two people are exactly the same and neither is their skin tone. What works for your bestie might be too light or too dark.

Anyways lol, once you’ve recieved your match and log online a list of perfect foundations for your skin will appear when searched. I love the fact that Sephora shows every brand and every price point making it easier on the wallet when you don’t want to splurge.

Screenshot (4)

Also if you can’t get to the store you can go to Sephora Color IQ and receive yours online! Yay for conveniences!

I hope this post helps you to find your perfect flawless coverage!

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