FBW Spotlight – JaydeDanielle

For my next spotlight I’ve chosen JaydeDanielle me2who is fairly new to the blogging world but dabbles in a little of everything from beauty & fashion to everyday life. Without further ado let’s see what she had to say when I interviewed her!

ShopGirl: What made you want to begin blogging?
JaydeDanielle: I wanted to start a blog so long ago I just never got around to it. I suppose I was scared to share my opinions on the internet where people can sometimes be so harshly judged. I mean, I know I’m not the greatest writer and i don’t know all the “technical terms”. But then one day I thought, “Why am I letting that stop me if I really want to do it?”. I have always loved writing, that combined with my love for all things Beauty and Fashion related and always going on and on to my friends about the recent things I’ve purchased, telling them what’s good and bad about them and how they should try them. I figured why not start a blog so others can see that too?

SG:How long have you been on WordPress?
JD: I started my blog on March 12th 2015. So 2 weeks.

SG:What makes you love fashion so much? And what
are your top 5 brands?
JD: I love fashion because you can express your personality through the clothes that you wear. When I go shopping I like to buy lots of different things instead of spending a lot of money on one item of clothing. So based on that my favourite brands are:

1. Topshop
2. Miss Selfridge
3. Primark
4. Forever 21
5. Boohoo

SG:What are your go-to beauty items? (Cosmetics, Beauty products, etc.)?
JD: St Moriz Tan, Mascara (I’m loving Max Factor masterpiece transform at the minute) Nuxe creme de fraiche mask. And sweetie pie shower jelly fron lush.

SG: What are your aspirations for your blog?
JD: As I’ve only recently started my blog it would be silly of me to say “for this to be my career” I could be posting on this blog for 12 years and never be able to make it. Although that is what i would love as blogging is a passion and to have that as a job would be incredible. But realistically I would say to carry on writing and hope that others enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it.

SG:What is your personal style?
JD: Girly, comfortable and chic. I follow the latest trends but I don’t let them dictate what I wear. I will only wear what I like and feel comfortable in.

SG:What is one thing readers should know about you and your blog?
JD: My blog is a place for me to write about things that I love. Whether this be what restaurant I’ve recently ate at. Or my current favourite bath bomb. I may have just brought some candles and wanted to share this with you. It has a lot of variety, although it is mainly fashion and beauty I will throw other things in the mix too. I try to post at least 4 times a week.

Please check out the lovely JaydeDanielle, you can also find her on twitter @JaydeDanielle1. Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you and showcase your blog, feel free to share the post. XOX

Also, if you would like to be spotlighted please email me at: Shop_girl1986@aol.com or tweet me on twitter for details @Shop_Girl1986.

Until Next Time,

Stay Fab XOX

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