Update on AI OC!!

Hey loves! So I’ve been going to The Art Institute of Orange County for almost 3 months now and I figure this would be the perfect time to do the update I promised.  

The School:

This is the campus I attend and it’s very clean and sleek looking. The classrooms are pretty much state of the art and I just love going to school walking through the huge glass doors. 

My Classes 

  • Early History of Fashion
  • Image Manipulation 
  • Digital Color Theory
  • Design Fundamentals

Some of My Work

As you can see its a lot of hands on and you a lot creativity for each project. Thus far I’ve done trend boards, 3D movie posters, used photography to capture the essence of an outdoor museum, and paint rhythm of music. At first I think to myself what does some of these have to do with fashion marketing and fashion but in the end I have a feeling it will go full circle. 

My Thoughts on the Last Two Weeks Left and Life as a Student 

Since I’ve already finished Early Fashion History with an A- (this was a 6 week self-paced course online), the scary thoughts that I can’t do it have definitely subsided. I went into this experience full throttle and no one could tell me no. That passion and drive is still there and I’m loving the experience, the education I’m receiving, and the amazing people with similar interests. I thank all my readers for barring  with me in this as sometimes I don’t have enough time to post. I absolutely love you all and I thank you for following me on ShopGirl and following my journey into Fashion Marketing. 

Thank you so much for reading…

And Until Next Time…


6 thoughts on “Update on AI OC!!

  1. jaanethough says:

    I admire your steely determination and burning passion for pursing the things you love! Don’t worry about not posting regularly, I’m pretty sure your readers will understand how busy you are! Just keep doing the things that you love! =)

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