Basic Black for 2015

Black is timeless and considered classy, so I have complied a few items that are to die for! Check them out after the break. Do you have a favorite Little Black Dress? Or is it a heel that gives you the boost of confidence? I absolutely love the versatility that black has, it can be mixed with brights to tone down the darkness and also paired with white or red for a classic look.

dsfWhether you want bling or bows these heels are for sure to turn heads. My favs happen to be the ones with the bow <3.

dressesThese dresses give LBD a whole new meaning. I chose pleated and cinched waist simply because they give a more feminine look. This look has been highly popular and I hope it’s going to stick around for a while.

lMoto jackets are a must have, at least one should be in your wardrobe. Nothing is more sexier than a woman flaunting leather and this staple can be dressed up or down! What more do you want? I absolutely love the caped fur which brings us back to a more elegant look.

pantLast but not least, a nice pair of pants will get you further in life. I love the zipper on the leggings it brings it to a more modern look, as well as the pair with the leather strip. Wearing leggings doesnt have to be a “motherly” thing it can be sexy, young, and fresh if paired with the right items. Now can we please talk about the adorable scalloped shorts???? How amazing are they? I sadly don’t wear them because I feel like my legs are way too long to wear them but if I was 5’7 I’d definitely wear a few! I do love the high waisted ones though FOR SURE.

Which of these basic blacks closet must haves did you love the most? Leave your thoughts in the comments please 🙂 and remember, black doesn’t have to be boring, spice it up!

As always,

Stay fab XOX

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