How-to Contour & Highlight

I was recently on WordPress and YouTube simultaneously (big word alert lol) and I was noticing alot of people are weary about contouring, MYSELF INCLUDED. So after watching a few videos I decided to show you my top favorite videos on the subject.

While some maybe newbies to make-up all together, and others extra comfortable with experimenting with color and contrasts, the videos I have chosen can help ANYONE who wants more knowledge on the dos and do nots of contouring and highlighting.

First up is Kristofer Buckle, he’s an amazing MUA who uses matte eye shadows which are relatively cheaper than buying a contouring kit, also he uses paint brushes… YES… Paint brushes for makeup! Genius! Check it out:

While I was absolutely annoyed by the model or host in general, Kristofer’s make up methods are super easy to follow!

Next up is Vincent Oquendo, his method is great for highlighting areas you want to bring light to and also just to brighten your face up in general. Check him out:

So recently I went to Sephora…

My friend is a MUA and consultant and the store

So I got a makeover for her promotion test.

Here is how I looked before:


Here’s my face BEAT!!!:

IMG_0119 smokey eyeleft side  cheekbone

As you can tell, highlighting and contouring certain areas on the face can change the whole shape and look of a person. I absolutely loved this makeup so much so that I applied lashes to give it MORE glam <3.

If you are more of a visual and then do type of person I have a great photo that shows where to contour and highlight on your face.


What’s what??:

Contour: Brown

Highlight: Silverish White

Blush: Rose pink

Well lovelies, I hope this HOW-TO helped you out and I would love to see some of your C&H looks! Until next time…

Stay Fab XOX

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