Where Has ShopGirl Been?!?! (Photo Caption Update)

Amazing question Brit, lol….

Well, my dear friends came in from SeaTac (Seattle/Tacoma area) so I spend a week with them. Other than that I have been swamped with school and also I was diagnosed as bi-polar so with all that going on and my mood levels being off I spend less time online in general.

Here’s featured pictures of the wonderful week with my bestie, her husband, and mines!

IMG_0105Me & My Best Friend.


IMG_0107My best friend and her husband and me in the right corner LOL PHOTOBOMB!

IMG_0109Bar Hopping.

IMG_0110Me and my best friends husband, Andrew.

IMG_0111But first…. Let Me Take A Selfie <3.

IMG_0112Painting I won and the artist who created it.

IMG_0113Meet my other half, my husband Anthony!

1ST Night Out: Dress: Target, Heels: Kensie, Jewerly: Mid Finger Rings Icing, Nordstrom’s Rack bracelets, Pandora bracelet, and watch from Target.

IMG_01172ND Nights Outfit: Dress: Hot Topic, Boots: Windsor, & Belt: Hot Topic NO JEWELRY :).

I’m posting mobile so I’ll go in later and label them all with who’s who and what I was wearing as I featured both outfits I wore out. XOXOX and stay fab!

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