What’s In My Bag?!?

Hello lovelies! Tonight’s post was inspired by LK’s post, I was reading her’s and thought, “wow, I should totally do this!” So without further ado, here we go!


Bag: Birkin style leather bag that I purchased from Marshall’s a few months back. Great purchase, I always seem to find the best deals there. This beauty cost around $60-70, which definitely beats $5k-$50K!

Wallet: Badgley Mischka wallet in Style: 980167RED Group:Bonnie and it retails for $185.00, I couldn’t find it on the site so once I am able to find it I will post a link on an update. I love this wallet because it has six functional slots, 2 pockets on the fold, and a pocket for cash and miscellaneous divided by a coin zippered pouch. On the outside is a gold logo, and another zippered pocket.

Book: Jackie Collins’ Confessions of a Wild Child… This book is an amazing read, like all her other novels! If you have read any then you would be familiar with one of her main character’s Lucky Santangelo; In this book she takes you back to Lucky’s teenage years and what made her the successful kick ass sexy tycoon that she has become in her latest books. Jackie Collins’ is an amazing writer so I would definitely recommend checking out her books!

SJPNYC Pouch: In this pouch I keep everything, especially since I hate having clutter throughout my bag. Inside I keep: Tampon (TMI, sorry but a girl has to be ready), Refresh contact drops, pink sticky notepad, MAC Lipstick in Matte Taupe (A76) which is my “signature” color, An assortment of pencils and pen, Dial Hello Kitty Hand Sanitizer (I hate nasty people and their germs, gotta stay clean! Plus I have kids LOL), KIND Plus Bar in Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate (DELICIOUS and good for you), Sonic mint, Nivea moisturizing creme & their Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose Kiss, A Pen/Stylus duo for when I am playing games on my phone and I need a more precise touch, and lastly a Candy Cane edition of Chapstick.

Lotion: EOS hand cream, I honestly can’t remember the scent it is because I’ve had it for awhile but it does smell very floral and it’s a pretty good hand cream. I think during this season a hand cream in your bag is essential, the weather does a bad number on your hands so to keep them nice and soft EOS is my go to on the go!

While I don’t condone violence, I do live in the city, and I am a woman…. So with that being said I do carry a pocket knife in my bag in an easy to reach location. The one I have is a Winchester brand.

Also not pictured is my charging cube for my iPhone (my phone isn’t pictured because I used it to take the photo lol, I do however have an iPhone 5 in space gray), I tend to play on my phone alot at work when I am bored so having the extra cube in there helps me always be able to charge my phone! Front zipper of my purse holds some lottery scratch-offs that my grandma gave me that were WINNERS!

And there we have it! What’s in my bag! If you would like to participate in the “What’s in my bag?” post please tag me so I can see what you carry. No two woman are the same when it comes to what’s in their beloved purse! I hope you guys enjoy this post, please feel free to comment, and until next time, stay fab!


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