The Steps To Bettering My Life

Hey loves! Dropping in to post about my experience with the admissions and financial aid at AIC-OC, and from my personal opinion I sincerely believe they want every student they take on to succeed and have a full understanding before even filling out the application which is quite an amazing quality from a school. But anyways without further ado…

For the past two weeks I have spent a lot of time speaking with my admissions advisor and going over paper work and blasé blah.

My first meeting was a week ago, I went in to talk about WHY I wanted to attend AI and what I had to contribute there. In short it was sort of like pitching myself to make the sale. I explained how fashion has been an on going love of my life. I’ve gone through many phases in my life and in the end the love of matching the perfect top with the perfect shoes or dressing a friend for a special event or even just reading or watching a documentary on fashion and its icons always seemed right. I could tell when speaking to her that she knew this was something special to me. I also conveyed the same emotions in my essay which along with my GPA from high school and college ultimately got me in.

The next step then was MORE paperwork and commitment on my behalf. Going to such an “expensive” school like this takes more than just wanting to go because of what it will do for your résumé. Commitment to finish the programs and interact with others even outside your major will make the difference in this experience.

Today I had the major meeting… The how the hell are you paying for this meeting. In which I totally went in nervous and asking myself the same question! But my financial aid advisor made sure I was comfortable with every aspect, so in the end I will only be paying minimum out of pocket with help from scholarships and federal aid. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a free ride, I am taking out a subsidized loan. (Anyways though, lol) this whole process was very simple and took a huge weight off my shoulders. As of today I have about 4 weeks until school starts and I’m absolutely excited about it.

The last step now is my admissions advisor will help with my class schedule and then email or call me before finalizing it. I can’t wait to get my kit which includes everything I’ll need while I’m there supplies wise. (Books not included).

As I continue on my journey I will keep posting. I hope sharing this information helps anyone who is wondering how the process goes and if anyone has any questions about something I didn’t address please feel free to contact me.

Until next time, stay fabulous!


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