Younique’s Moonstruck 3D Lashes Review

Hey beauties! So today I wanted to talk about the popular Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique. I have been using the product for a couple of months and I will be quite honest with you on my opinion of the product.

 This is what the the system looks like when you first open it. Inside is a tube of the fibers and a tube of the transplanting gel the fibers attach to, as well as set the application.

LOL. Not the best picture of me, but I wanted to show up close what an eye lash with it on (LEFT) and what an eyelash naked looked like (RIGHT). As you can tell my lashes are very thin and short so with the fibers on you can see a MAJOR difference. For years I have been using false lashes and so trying this I was very skeptical seeing as how I had no lashes to begin with.


1. It’s pretty simple to apply. First mascara of your choice, then transplanting gel, fibers, then another coat of the transplanting gel to lock the fibers in place.

2. Perfect for those with little to no lashes and want a dramatic look.

3. Once you’ve gotten the hang of using the product it becomes second nature on how to apply and achieve the perfect lashes.


1. I felt it was a little on the heavy side which leads to cakey lashes.

2. In contrast to false lashes it is a bit more time consuming as you have to apply layer after layer of both the gel and the fibers to see any results.

3. The price tag is a bit hefty at $29.

While this product has a few cons it is a must try! If you want more information on Younique feel free to contact my amazing consultant Liz on her Facebook page and be sure to like or her personal Younique website!

So…. What are you opinions about Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes? Have you tried it? Do you love it? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Until next time, stay fabulous loves!


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