Why is it so HOT

Hey lovelies!!!  I have been so busy with school lately and life in general. The fact that it’s been in the high 90’s lately hasn’t helped my mood or train of thought AT ALL. Makes for a very unhappy and frustrated Britt.

So what’s new?  Well after long consideration I decided not to join the honors club at my school. Reason #1. My son just started kindergarten and he’s my main priority especially on the limited days off work I have through out the week. #2. I have massive amounts of homework as it is, I can’t afford to spread myself too thin. #3. I work, go to school,  and I have a family. Not even remotely enough time to think let alone attend and participate in club activities.
So as you can see, not the best idea for me right now. Hopefully spring semester I’ll be able to add it to the list. 

So whats new with you guys? Anything interesting going on in your lives? Besides the aforementioned I sit at home and watch Lost Girl on Netflix and binge eat on junk Lol. That’s what my life has come to Lol. It’s literally all my brain can take after the week of learning and working.

NEWhooooooo just a quick pop in. Hopefully this week I can make a meaningful post. I need to write,  keeps me sane. XOX B!

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