Something… Something…. Ummm… Yeah?

Hello loves! Just a random update before next week starts and I get way too hectic to even breathe.

School begins and this semester I have a full load— Financial Accounting, Business Law, English Composition, and Computer Information Systems. Oh and Honor Society Club….Yeah….. Can you even imagine the amount of anxiety I am in??? 

I actually just went to have a massage at Massage Envy this past Friday and when she mentioned aromatherapy and one of them was for “anxious” I jumped on that shit like a Black Friday sale! (excusez mon français) So leaving there I felt very relaxed and in touch with myself and at peace…. That was ruined when I got home. Piles of laundry NOT DONE by my husband. Kids running around like maniacs talking about, “Are we going to the movies????” So after a quick bitch session and super mom cleaning, we finally ended up at the 7:45 showing of TMNT.


Idk, I personally am a HUGE nerd! Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Comic book theme…. Nerd…. whatever. No shame…. 

Anyways, back to the point of this post….

Please bear with me, if I disappear again for a minute, please continue to follow. I will continue to post when I come up for air…. I love my followers and reading their blogs, so thank you and I hope everyone going to school this semester succeeds! Best wishes!



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