My Brazilian Experience

So this past Sunday I went in to have my lovely hair stylist do my 2nd Brazilian Blow-out.

My appointment was at 10AM so I got up at 8, in order to get Starbucks (yes, I’m addicted) and make sure I got there on time since her shop is 20 or so minutes away.



Picture above is my hair after it was washed the night before so when I arrived she had clean hair to dye since I like to do all my stuff at once instead of 2-3 trips back and forth. She applied dye to my hair because I previously had color and highlights done. This time I went MORE BLONDE 🙂


All smiles, or maybe that just lots of caffeine and sleepiness lol.


Highlights and overall color is now applied… Now the fun part… At this time is it is now noon and I was starving so I left for a minute to go order some food. It didn’t help that everyone and their mother wanted their nails done by my stylist so she would put me under the dryer and then do a pedicure (which is fine, but it prolong my hair session).


My stylist applies the Brazilian mix to my hair by using a brush to “paste” it on and then combing from root to end and doing this ALL OVER MY HEAD. This took 15 mins or less, then I was put back under the dryer to set the chemicals before she moved on to the next phase.


She uses a blow dryer and barrel brush to blow dry before applying the flat iron so that she doesn’t burn my hair if it is still wet in spots.

The heat activates the chemicals and lock them in. She then conditions my hair and flat irons it one last time. When getting a Brazilian for the first time, they will tell you do not wash your hair for 24 hours. This is so you don’t ruin the process, also no paraben or sulfate shampoos during the 4-6 months after to make the Brazilian last longer. I use Chi shampoos and conditions, a bit pricey but they made my 1st Brazilian Blow-out last long and the Keratin one is amazing!


Here is the final product! I love my hair when it is done with this system. I have gone 27 years with frizzy dry hair and since I started getting the Brazilian my hair has been AH-MAZINGGGGGGGG! I have become one of those annoying girls who is always playing with her hair and sweeping her hands through it, lol. I can’t help it, lol. My hair curly isn’t as bad with this as well. My before picture was 4 1/2 months after. Also the sulfate-free version is wayyyy better for your hair too so don’t forget to ask about that if you are interested in getting one.

As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope you lovelies have enjoyed this post.

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