May 2014 Favorites

May Favorites


As promised! May Favorites has arrived!!!


 Maybelline Colossal Cat-Eye Lashes Mascara 


This product is amazing and you can purchase it anywhere! I love how the brush separates the lashes and adds volume with the perfect amount of mascara to give you those beautiful long lashes to match any dramatic look. This mascara doesn’t even need any other eye product to make it pop, it stands alone and it is seriously the only product I wear everyday!

Mary Kay’s Clear Proof Acne System


So this product might be a little more on the pricey side, ringing in at $45 but compared to Proactiv it is cheaper and works even better! Having used both products I can testify that this is the better acne system. The face wash is light and doesn’t dry out my skin. After washing I follow up with the toner and if needed I use the spot treatment. The only downside is the moisturizer and that’s only because I have one that I swear by (it’s the next product on this list) so I kind of didn’t really give it a chance. But all around GREAT SYSTEM!

H20+ Marine Daily Hydrator Moisturizer


One day I went to Marshall’s (My home away from home) and I was looking through their body products; I saw this one and I was like hmmm water based, sounds legit. Turns out it was the best thing ever for my skin! I suffer from dry t-zone and dry cheeks, especially during the winter, so when I started using this product those areas were my main concern. It has a weird smell at first, but after you see the wonderful effects of this product you will get past the “aqua” smell and fall head over heels in love!

Gelish Nail Polish


I absolutely LOATHE when your nail polish begins to chip, so when I found out about this I had to give it a shot. For my nails this product works amazingly. I got a set for christmas from my mom and I have been using gel polish since. I took a break for awhile but now that spring is coming to an end and summer is about to begin; bring on the bright polishes! I also love the fact that this polish can go on “fake nails” and stay put! To get your nails done with gel polish at the salon runs around $20 but it lasts 2 weeks and stays shiny the whole duration.


Victoria’s Secret’s PINK Varsity Crew Shirts


These are essentially VS’s version of a spirit jersey. Since I don’t belong to an amazing sorority YET, I am rocking the PINK spirit jersey. I currently have the t-shirt material one, as well as their thicker material one (not quite a sweater not quite a t-shirt) and I ABSOLUTELY looooooove these things! They are super comfortable and very cute!

American Eagle Shorts


I stand COMPLETELY by this companies denim. I am on the taller side of the spectrum and unfortunately I have no choice but to spend $$$$ on my jeans and shorts or I am forced to look like I am waiting for a flood or a hooker on the corner. Their shorts right now are buy one get one half off, so yesterday I went and I got some colored bermuda shorts and I love them! They are the perfect length for my body type and they are super comfy. I also have a few of their regular denim shorts that I love too. If you are a taller babe like I am, AE has the best jeans for us. They have REAL Long jeans that DON’T STRINK! ❤

Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats


Because I work at a Recycling Center as secretary I cannot wear anything open toe in case of glass or other hazards so I love these cute ballet flats that you can dress up or pair with something cute and causal. They are on the pricey side ringing in at $250 but if you look on amazing sites like PoshMark  or Tradesy you can find them for a steal of a deal and in excellent condition!


Luke Bryan – Play It Again

Florida Georgia Line  Feat. Luke Bryan – This Is How We Roll

Iggy Azalea – Fancy

Fitz & The Tantrums – 6AM

When the temps rise, Country music is my friend lol. I come from The South (Austin, TX) and even though I am in California that doesn’t mean I can’t jam out to country in the summer. I also love Iggy’s music, she is so fresh and new and her songs are sooooo catchy! Fitz & The Tantrums is amazing, I love their entire CD More Than Just A Dream and when they are closer to my area I will definitely be seeing them in concert! Their music is so fun and just makes you want to get up and dance!

……And that wraps up my May Favorites 

I love sharing amazing products with you guys and I hope you enjoy this post. Any questions on where to find certain items??? Tweet @ShopGirlXOX !!

Brittney XOX

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