Not My Day

So I was going to write this amazing post about all my May Favorites, but after the day I have had I just want to go to sleep…

The short version starts with me having a migraine in the morning, then after a nap I went to take my grandmother somewhere…. That went great, as I always love spending time with her buttttttttttttt, when I left her house is a different story. I got to the light it was red so I stopped and was checking my messages on my phone (I don’t text and drive so I check them when I park or the light is red), if I had went when the light turned green I would have been plowed by an idiot who ran a red light. For some reason I thought to look to my left and I saw him fast enough to hit my brakes he literally missed me by a foot. So after my mini panic attack I went home and instead of relaxing my husband wanted to run errands. 

9:58 PM and it is finally ME time… Tomorrow though, I will be finally writing the May Favorites post. I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful weekend, and I thank GOD that I am alive to be able to post this!

XOXO Brittney

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