Favorite Places of May

Today’s post is about “Favorites”, furthermore my favorite places of May that I have frequented more than normal

So without further ado, let’s get started!

I would have to say this month’s ultimate favorite would have to be the beach. I went quite a bit (which is not the norm for me!) and I found myself falling in love with the serenity of it all. The waves rushing in and crashing at my feet, then the tide going out. The smell of the water, and hearing people laughing and having a good time. Living in CA I have TONS of beaches at my disposal and I hope this summer I can check quite a bit of them out. 



(just looking at the pictures makes me want to be there now 😦 )

Next up on my favorites is the fact that school is out for summer! As hard as I studied all semester long the fact that I can now breathe is amazing!!!! I have more free time (besides going to work) and I have an actual sleep schedule! This past semester I took a full course load, which at my college consist of 12 or more units. So besides being a mommy to two minions (i’ll talk more about them later), I was also at school ALL THE FREAKING TIME! 



(goodbye books and study sheets, hello sleeping in and funnn)

Now this next place might just show my nerdy side…. DUN-DUN-DUMMMMMMM The library!!!! 

I’ll let that marinate for a minute………….Ok, times up! So yeah, the library! I have found myself having more time to read since a textbook isn’t attached to me for summer. I don’t know what it is but during the semester I LOATHE reading and I barely ever actually read my textbooks, but I love to read and having time to do so is so exhilarating!

So I started with L.J. Smith’s “Vampire Diaries: The Awakening” and I couldn’t get passed how different the characters in the book were from the TV show… Which lead me back to the library insearch of something BETTER to read. And I stumbled acrossL.J. Smith’s “The Secret Circle: The Initiation”, which was also a show on the CW but was cancelled after the first season (sad face) so I decided I had to know what happen in the series and chose that book in which I am half way done with it already! The library has always had a special place in my heart… Actually ANY place with books has a special place! I absolutely love going to Barnes & Nobles too, and it’s a huge plus that I can get Starbuck’s there too LOL. 



(Good show… Not a good book…. Sorry L.J. Smith… The Secret Circle is pretty good though.)

That about wraps this up, yeah I know, I should get out more LOL. But any ways, if you know of some awesome California spots please leave them in the comments, I am always looking for a new adventure, and also if you know of any good reads let me know! Thank you for reading, having amazing followers of this blog makes this whole thing possible and even though I am still a newbie I have found that having an outlet to write on has made a dramatic difference in my life. So thank you guys! XOX!


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