Happily Never After….???

As I get older, I start to notice more and more about life.

For instance, how your closes girlfriends who should always be happy for you…. Until ONE DAY, suddenly they aren’t. 

So I ask this question, “Why is that? Why can’t people be happy for others?”


I’ve come to my own conclusion… And it goes a little something like this:

1. Unhappy people can never be happy, not even for themselves.

2. Jealously stems from something way more uglier, and that is POSSIBLY insecurities, insecurities that have left them feeling inadequate and unloved. 

3. They NEVER were your friend to begin with. (Sorry to burst your bubble lovely, it’s just the truth)

It’s truly sad to know there are bitter people out there like this. But it has happen to everyone, and that is when you must look in the mirror and really decide for yourself who YOU truly are, and what YOU truly want. 

Last year I did a little house cleaning and came to the conclusion that friends I had had for over 10 years weren’t who I thought them to be, they were sad souls quite frankly. In order to better yourself, you must release the people who don’t follow that same path. This isn’t about judging anyone or say I am better than you!, it is simply say that you know what’s better for you.


Don’t let someone steal your sunshine, rain on your parade, or be a buzz kill.

You deserve happiness…


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